Whistler Blackcomb

Magnetic. A Whistler Blackcomb Movie

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Whistler Blackcomb has been an acknowledged leader of progression in the ski industry for many years. For winter 2017.18 we decided the time was right to reaffirm the resort's position as a ski and snowboard mecca. We did it with Magnetic. The world's first feature-length, ski and snowboard film shot entirely within a single resort.




As with all campaigns, Whistler Blackcomb tasked us with developing both a central theme, as well as integrated multi-channel executions for their winter campaign. We brought them a vision that explored Whistler Blackcomb's irresistible draw and allure, and reinforced them as the epicentre of mountain sport. At the heart of the campaign, was a never-been-done-before feature length piece of flagship content that would reinforce their deep connection to the adventure, culture, and progression of skiing and snowboarding, while keeping it fun and entertaining.

Thanks to the client’s trust and bravery in sharing our vision, their partnership with TELUS and one of the most epic winters in recent memory, that’s exactly what we created.



Project Goals


  1. Stand out as unique among the increasingly competitive ski resort industry while staying true to the brand.

  2. Create pre-season stoke and drive early-season bookings.

  3.  Reinforce Whistler Blackcomb’s leadership position and cultural dominance by demonstrating the confluence of athletes, filmmakers, photographers and culture creators.



When Magnetic was introduced we all quickly connected with the words, visuals and meaning behind it.
Karla Grenon Director of Marketing, Whistler Blackcomb

Project Learnings


  1. Despite having dozens of cut-downs, out-takes, and exclusive "never-been-scene" content from the movie, focusing a campaign around one central piece of content can be a risky move, especially if the marketing execution plans change (which they did, with WB's change of ownership). 

  2. Trusting in the strategy of niche marketing and allowing the message to be driven by the awareness, demand and stoke that comes from core skiers, which then spreads out to the masses (Not the reverse) can achieve a large reach without heavy paid promotion.

  3. The best part off filming a feature-length film so close to home, is the ability to wake up in your own bed every morning, commute less than 30 minutes, get on a chairlift, and work with some of the best athletes in the world who did exactly the same thing.



  1. Online views reached 200,000 with completely organic views and no paid promotion against it. 

  2. With an average watch time of 12 minutes, it represents Whistler Blackcomb's most engaged content ever created with 2.5 million minutes of cumulative view time. 

  3. Snowboard.com named it “The single greatest ad for a snow resort ever”

The movie has achieved the stand out reaction desired. The most common comment is that viewers can’t believe it was all shot within lift access of two mountains in one resort.