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Squaw Valley, notorious for its challenging terrain, merged with neighbouring resort Alpine Meadows and quickly undertook a massive infrastructure investment, becoming one of the largest resorts in the country. People planning a visit to the new resort faced mountains of activity and lodging options, we helped guide their online journey.



"Squaw Valley | Alpine Mobile Redesign"

Squaw Alpine wanted to launch the new resort with a brand re-evisioning and new website. Like many resorts, Squaw Alpine’s site catered to a broad range of visitors. We used feedback from their existing site to develop functionality that quickly led people to the information they needed.


"Squaw Alpine Visitor Types"


"Learn to Ski"

We developed a hard-working, simple homepage with easy to use widgets for booking, weather, lift and grooming status. New visitors to the site are greeted with four user-personas, the beginning of a personalized web experience with key messages and links tailored to their preferences. We integrated an executive summary of the new Squaw Alpine brand to build awareness in conversations both on and off the hill.




  • A resort needs an elevator pitch. And that should be easily findable on the website.

  • Your content might not be the problem. It’s how you tell the story to each audience member that matters.

  • Your most important need-to-know in developing your resort website? What is it your guests want to know.