What's your connection to local culture?

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Since its beginnings, lululemon has sought to connect with anyone in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and a strong community culture. While proud of their West Coast heritage, they found themselves struggling to adapt their tone and style for an under-performing market in Montreal. Simply put, lululemon needed a compelling way to connect with Québécois and their sense of local pride. 




By leveraging lululemon Montreal ambassadors (and Origin’s Quebec-based, French-speaking team), we developed and executed a suite of stories for the brand’s SweatLife campaign, aimed at promoting a new line of activewear through social collaboration. Long-form stories, vivid photography, social integration, digital ads and in-store messaging were key elements in establishing a strong connection to the Montreal market.

Key project learnings

  1. Choose the correct terminology to ensure everyone involved is speaking the same language.

  2. Share metrics and data with your partners so adjustments can be made as the project evolves.

  3. Align with partners who share your brand values so everyone can take ownership over a project’s success.



Origin has brought a creative intelligence and deep understanding of the Quebec guest to our brand.
Samantha Rayner North America Brand Manager, lululemon athletica

Our efforts for an integrated campaign paid off. As a result of high-impact, real-life stories, lululemon saw a trifecta of growth in digital engagement, in their French-Canadian email database and in online and in-store revenue.


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