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Responsible Content Creation in the Outdoors
Content Marketing

Responsible content creation in the outdoors

Content is king. The reality is, no matter what the channel, content production and distribution is hot on the minds of brands everywhere. Good Content creators are in short supply, and everyone is doing whatever they can to gain the upper hand in the content race and make their brand stand out. But, in this race to the ultimate content, have some brands lost sight of ethical content production?

Insight : Responsible content creation in the outdoors

Social Media

Which brands are winning at social in 2018?

The social media landscape is an ever-changing beast to tame. Nowadays, it often feels like there’s a new feature being released on Facebook or Instagram every week. Understandably, it’s a lot to keep up with. But with most consumers following and engaging with their favourite brands primarily through social media, it’s become a fundamental pillar of a successful digital marketing strategy in 2018. With that in mind, we took a deep dive into which brands are winning social media in 2018 and why.

Insight : Which brands are winning at social in 2018?

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Who's winning social media 2017

We started looking at the overall social followings of some key outdoor brands in 2014, We checked in in 2015, and have now looked at where we stand at the beginning of 2017. Although followers don’t tell the full picture of who is truly winning the social media race, this metric does give us a good idea of brand awareness and social relevance. The following chart outlines the current follower stats across the core social networks for several leading outdoor brands.

Insight : Who's winning social media 2017