Sierra At Tahoe

Where Play Reigns Free

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Following a successful campaign development project with them a few years ago, Sierra-at-Tahoe approached us with a two-pronged project: to uncover, distil, and articulate their brand into a singular platform, and to concept and create a new winter campaign for their 2019/20 season, using existing assets. 


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Sierra-at-Tahoe is a resort situated in South Lake Tahoe area with a ton of heart. We were tasked with capturing that heart, and building a refreshed brand around it. From this, we could then build a winter campaign that helped further articulate what this proudly independent resort is all about.

The main challenge to solve was taking a brand that was all about not taking itself too seriously, and evolving it without it spiralling into a caricature of itself.

To do this, we focused on what made Sierra-at-Tahoe unique: its focus on progression and play.


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  1. To feel playful and inviting without entering silly or childish territory


  2. To have flexibility across multiple platforms in order to meet the broad media requirements of a resort

  3. To maintain a sense of longevity in order to outlast design trends and feel relevant for several years to come


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A selection of soft colours and textures inspired by the winter months contrasted by a vibrant accent colour and strong typography treatment balanced Sierra’s friendly and inviting demeanor with their playful, irreverent side. The duotone image treatment is used to introduce depth and texture to any brand application.


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With the core brand taking form, we moved onto developing a seasonal winter campaign for Sierra-at-Tahoe. At the core of it lies an invitation: an invitation to those that see the fun side to all sides to come play at Sierra-at-Tahoe. After all, it’s the place where play reigns free.


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The campaign relies on a simple human insight: we all act a bit differently on our own. We sing way too loud in the shower, dance without a care, the list goes on. Then there’s the people that act like this regardless of who’s watching. And those are the people we want to invite to Sierra-at-Tahoe. After all, they’re the type of people who ski like nobody’s watching. 


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The typography played a key role in bringing this campaign to life. A dynamic hand-written treatment was used to add a personal and humanized touch to the invitational messaging. 



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Once the high-funnel creative was articulated, we began incorporating messaging specific to Sierra-at-Tahoe’s other market segments, creative that can be used in mid and low funnel marketing.

For example, we developed a user-generated branch of the campaign called #showusyourplay which is all about encouraging the inherently playful skiers and rider of Sierra-at-Tahoe to show off their own version of play.

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Though the campaign is in its early stages and there aren’t a lot of metrics to report on quite yet, the project is looking to be an overall success. Often times when we take on brand development and campaign development projects one after the other, the lines can get blurred on which deliverables are for what (brand vs campaign). This was not the case for this project. Through working closely with the team at Sierra-at-Tahoe, we clearly defined and executed on the two projects with little-to-no ambiguity or uncertainty throughout.

The Origin team have done an incredible job digging and guiding us to define who we are, and who we want to be. They helped us uncover our soul!
katie hunter director of marketing + sales, sierra at tahoe