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Jay Peak Resort

All in on emotive marketing

The lifelong relationships people form with Jay Peak are central to its brand. So, when our long-time client challenged us to create an emotive campaign to recognize its proud community, we chose to say thank you. Our campaign, We’re us because you’re you, sent a sincere message of gratitude to the people at the heart of the brand.

Case Study
portrait of woman smiling
We're us, because you're you video

A focus on people

We worked with a local photographer to capture candid portraits of real Jay Peak guests around the resort. The series of portraits became the emotive backbone of our campaign and gave an intimate feel to our messaging.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you

This flexible, personable nature of the campaign allowed us to bring the gratitude message to life across a wide range of executions and guest touchpoints. From hotel rooms to the rental shop, guests were thanked for being themselves.

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Jay Peak Thank You social posts

Origin found a way to underline Jay Peakers as being responsible for both creating and supporting the Jay Peak experience. The campaign allowed us to engage with all our audiences - employees, homeowners, guests, first timers and weekend.

Steve Wright
General Manager, Jay Peak Resort