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2018 Outlook: The digital marketing landscape for the travel industry

Marie-Josée Legault
May, 2018
10 mins

We recently gave a webinar on the Digital Marketing Landscape for the Travel Industry that received very positive feedback so we wanted to make it available for download and you can find a pdf version below.


The idea with this webinar and the attached deck is really to give those brands in the travel (and hospitality) industry some food for thought. Much of what we reviewed is based on recent research and we tried to look at it from the following angle:

  • Who they are - what’s new with travellers?
  • What do they want - what are some of the trends in consumer demand/ expectations?
  • How are brands are evolving to accommodate these changing expectations?
  • How are travellers making their purchases, what are some innovations?
  • How can UX and design help - a few website examples

We hope there are some insights here that can give you food for thought as you work on your strategies to meet your changing consumer demands.

You can download the full deck, here