Orcas skimming the surface of the ocean
Orcas skimming the surface of the ocean
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Destination Greater Victoria

Bringing verve to Victoria

Victoria, BC is an incredibly lively, youthful, and diverse city. That’s good. Problem is, it also has a reputation for being a bit old and, well, stuffy. That’s not so good. On behalf of the city’s DMO, Destination Greater Victoria, we set out to change that with evolved brand creative, a new website, and a multi-season campaign that put our strategy in play.

mobile view of the Destination Greater Victoria website
mobile view of the activity finder on the Destination Greater Victoria website
A website that encourages spontaneity

With so much to do and see in the Greater Victoria region, we leaned headlong into the sense of spontaneous fun that many travellers feel has been lost in an era of overly curated itineraries. 

Choose your own adventure module

Throughout the website, which was concepted and designed by Origin, and developed by Verb, we strategically incorporated language, assets, and UI elements (such as a customizable, “choose your own adventure” module) that speak to the breadth of offerings and encourage potential visitors to let their visit lead them in varied and even surprising directions.

Activity finder module next to a mobile view of a listing of events in Victoria
Whale watching page
Things to do in Victoria page
Branding that celebrates the place

Situated on the southeast tip of Vancouver Island, Victoria is surrounded by the emerald green waters of the Pacific, and is home to an incredible bounty of green spaces and botanical gardens.

Destination Greater Victoria colour palette
Spot illustrations of BC flora and fauna

With these vibrant elements being such a defining feature of the destination, it only made sense that the branding reflected this connection through a colour palette emphasizing the diversity and energy of the landscape.  And by framing images with curved edges, we were able to convey a sense of softness and flow that lends the brand a sophisticated-yet-laid back and welcoming vibe.

3 images showing a variation of screenshots from the Destination Greater Victoria website
Letting the locals shine

Victoria enjoys a stellar reputation as a nexus of arts and culture, and is home to an exceptionally vibrant and diverse community of artists. With that in mind, early in the web design process we identified an opportunity to incorporate local art, with accompanying bios that serve to showcase Victoria’s arts and culture scene, celebrate local artists, and demonstrate DGV’s steadfast support of this community.

Open view of an artist image and bio
Strategy that shifts perceptions

With a spiffy new website ready to launch, DGV needed brand advertising to continue building on the art direction and strategy that were foundational to the site. The goal remained the same: Attract a more active yet still sophisticated audience by showcasing the idea that Victoria offers both the elements you’d expect, but also a surprisingly eclectic mix of those you wouldn’t.

4 iphone frames showing an instagram story showcasing the multitude of ways to experience Victoria

In doing so, this strategy allows our audience to see themselves as the sort of curious, engaged person they want to be. And perhaps most importantly, the sort of person who needs to visit Victoria.

a multi-frame instagram carousel showing the ways to experience Victoria