Family tent camping with a view of the ocean
family camping with a view of the ocean
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Coghlan's takes their in-store experience direct to consumer

Established in 1959, Coghlan's has long been a cornerstone of North American camping, known for providing reliable and innovative outdoor gear. From the outset, we were thrilled to be part of this exciting new chapter, helping a historic brand evolve and connect with a new generation of adventurers through a fresh new website that aims to present their rich history in a new, energetic and friendly way. 

screenshot of the Coghlans website gear guide
Pioneering Direct-to-Consumer

For the first time, Coghlan's is bringing their trusted camping essentials directly to consumers with a new direct-to-consumer (D2C) website, built on the robust Shopify platform. Historically, Coghlan's products were found in thousands of hardware stores and big-box chains across North America. This shift allows Canadian customers to purchase their favorite camping gear directly from the source. Shopify’s user-friendly interface and powerful features ensure an incredible customer experience, making shopping easy and enjoyable. For Coghlan's team, Shopify offers a seamless admin experience, combining trusted functionality with the flexibility to grow and adapt.

2 screenshots of the Coghlans website homepage
screenshot of the Coghlans website newsletter signup
screenshot of the Coghlans website iconography
2 screenshots of the Coghlans mobile website product page showcasing a lighter
Enabling confident purchases

At the heart of our design philosophy for the Coghlan's website was a desire to both inspire and empower users. We created a site that marries practicality with inspiration, adhering to best practices in UX and UI design while standing out from the sea of sameness in e-commerce. The site is rich with storytelling elements, gear guides, and unique resources like the recipe hub. This thoughtful content aims to inform and empower users, helping them make confident, well-informed purchasing decisions and fostering a deeper connection with the Coghlan's brand.

screenshot of the Coghlans website product listing page
2 screenshots of the Coghlans mobile website
screenshot of the Coghlans website activity categories
Nostalgia Meets Modernity

We are incredibly proud of the website’s standout appearance. It beautifully blends nostalgic elements, like custom-drawn icons and the signature Coghlan's green, with modern design techniques. These visual elements evoke fond memories for Canadians who grew up with the brand while engaging new customers. Subtle animations and strategically placed brand statements break up the product listings, offering users a refreshing experience that goes beyond the typical “buy now” mantra. This design approach not only highlights what makes Coghlan's unique but also creates a welcoming and engaging environment for all visitors.

screenshot of the Coghlans website product detail