MCP website flatlay
MCP website flatlay
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Mountain Capital Partners

Unique and templated web design can go together

Starting with Purgatory, the largest of Mountain Capital Partners' resorts, we crafted a photography-forward and contemporary template with a casual aesthetic that confidently presented an aspirational mountain experience. This would then serve as the structure to be skinned for the sister resorts while letting each brand shine through with its individual look and feel.

An immersive transition on scroll features full bleed imagery inviting the guest into the resort experience. Quick links in the sidebar let the guest access key lodging, pass and dining options while simultaneously giving the viewport breathing room.

Purgatory homepage header
Purgatory homepage header
Purgatory mobile homepage

Purgatory’s bold colour palette paired with a modern font and minimalist icon set combine for a fresh, contemporary look.

Purgatory color palette and fonts
Purgatory icon set

Colour blocking allows for flexibility, with each brand applying their unique colours and patterning to the modules. Subtle patterning brings an added layer of dimension to the creative, breaking up the bolder colour blocks.

Purgatory featured content module
Purgatory promo module

The on-mountain experience — big vistas and scenic ski action — are combined with smiling faces to bring a personal emotive touch to the site and communicate the Purgatory experience.

Purgatory featured cards
email signup

Functional grids and layouts facilitate clear focus on each element on the page.

Purgatory weather and webcams
Purgatory lifts
Purgatory resorts

After completing the Purgatory site design our hard work was done. Now we could swap colours, fonts, patterns and icons to successfully (end efficiently) roll out a cohesive suite of eight mountain resort websites, each aligning with their brand identities and displaying their unique character.

MCP select template side by side
MCP select modules side by side