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P: Micheal Overbeck
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Last winter, we partnered with Arc'teryx to tell a story about how community and environment interact. That dichotomy sits at the core of their brand and is universal to all mountain towns, and this is how it came to be.




Project Background

Arc’teryx is founded on the notion that there is always a better way of doing something. The inspiration for this school of thought is rooted in the fact that they believe in order to create the appropriate gear to enhance outdoor pursuits, the brand must be built in the very same environment its gear is meant to be used.

The Coast Mountains provide not only inspiration to the brand’s products, but a rugged testing ground to ensure that their products meet the needs of consumers. The various environments within British Columbia are the cornerstone of their brand. This project tied in the inspiration behind their brand through the film’s location. It highlights a current issue facing one of their target consumer segments, backcountry skiers, and it touches on their foundational principle that there is always a better way.


Objectives + Goals

  1. Showcase support of a local organization looking to protect, educate, and inspire backcountry skiers
  2. Highlight their athletes' pursuits while incorporating their products
  3. Build a distribution plan that furthers the reach of the project 
Film poster mockup
skiers hiking up rock face
skier skiing down steep slope


Our Approach

At Origin, we always put strategy at the forefront of the content we create for brands. To create a story that is set in the very place that inspires Arc’teryx as a business is something that aligns with their overall brand message. In addition, because the story is about a relevant issue within backcountry skiing it is a topic that resonates with their target consumers. Ensuring that the creative concept addressed their needs and connects with their target consumers was only phase one. 

Investing in content creation is a tactic that is often recommended to help foster a relationship with your consumers. Whether its intent is to attract new customers, build brand understanding or provide value to existing customers to encourage repeat purchase, your content is only as good as the number of people who see it. After the strategy and concept creation phases of this project were aligned the goal to expand the reach of this film commenced. We developed a well-rounded strategic communication plan that outlines the content deliverables and channel requirements to guarantee that Arc’teryx’s investment achieved its goals.

skiers climbing a snowy mountain

Film Background

The film explores the legendary past, complex present, and unwritten future of the traverse as a group of today’s ski and snowboard athletes leave their own mark on the fabled chutes and steeps found along the route. The approved construction of three huts along the traverse has accelerated the need for a discussion on how to manage the issues confronted in this spectacular environment. The project provides an opportunity for the region to set a precedent for responsible development and management of backcountry access.


sponsors - Backcountry Magazine, REI, Sweet Protection


Launch and Distribution


The goal to expand the reach of this film commenced by developing a well-rounded strategic communication plan that outlines the content deliverables and channel requirements to guarantee that Arc’teryx’s investment achieved its goals.

Origin worked with two key partners, Backcountry Magazine and REI to increase the reach and align with their audience’s interests. We established a unified distribution plan utilizing the paid, earned and owned channels of all partners (publishers, brand, and athletes). To harness the power of having multiple outlets distribute this content, we created a comprehensive press kit. The press kit established a unified voice and provided all teams with a streamlined simplified approach to promoting the film.


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spearhead social assets
spearhead social assets


Behind the scenes, setting up camera gear and camping

The Results

The film Spearhead: Pushing the Boundaries of BC’s backcountry answered Arc’teryx’s objectives by highlighting a hot topic amongst backcountry skiers while rooted in the very environment that makes Arc’teryx who they are.

The film was launched online mid-October and has seen over 399K views across all channels and partners to date. Media coverage has extended beyond the film’s distribution partners and publishers such as Outside Magazine and Mountain Life have been eager to share the story.

The film’s promotion and distribution do not stop there. Spearhead will be featured as an episode on Backcountry Magazine’s podcast this winter and has been submitted to a number of outdoor film festivals in North America and to date will be screening at iF3 and VIMFF.