black and white image of surfer
black and white image of surfer
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WhiteWater West
Branding + Identity

If you build it, they will surf: Bringing inland waves to the world

The surf park industry is still in its infancy, but with new technology and innovations in wave generation, man-made waves are starting to establish themselves as a legitimate form of surfing. We worked with the industry-leading waterpark designer WhiteWater West to launch their new surf wave technology under a new brand, Endless Surf. Together, we set out to define the future of the industry with a brand that believes anyone with a passion for surfing deserves to catch waves and connect with real surf culture and lifestyle. 

Endless Surf logo with bubbles texture

Creating a new logo and identity for a new brand is always an exciting challenge. We dug in with the client, did our research on their competitors and finally landed on a logo and wordmark that captured the essencxe of Endless Surf as a reliable, innovative partner in inland surfing.

Endless Surf icon
Endless Surf wordmark
Endless Surf typography styles
Endless Surf tshirt graphic
Endless Surf tote bag design

The website brings our key differentiators to life with branded language and slick design rooted in the surf experience. With no pool in the ground and limited photography assets to work with, our design approach used carefully curated stock photography, renderings and video elements to add life to the experience.

Endless Surf landing page in mobile
Endless Surf landing page in mobile
Endless Surf landing page on desktop