mountain goat perched on peak
mountain goat perched on peak
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Silvercore Outdoors
Branding + Identity

From gun ranges to mountain ranges. And beyond.

Silvercore was ready to extend their deep experience at the gun range into the mountains and beyond, as they sought to position themselves as educators in the field of outdoor skills. We dove into an extensive brand revision that included an evolution of strategy, a new visual identity, and a refreshed tone of voice, all in service of a singular goal: Give people the skills they need to thrive outside. 

Articulating proficiency

With a brand refresh as ambitious as this one, it made sense to start with a brand articulation that speaks to Silvercore Outdoors’ new position as facilitator of outdoor proficiency. With this articulation in place, and our strategy well–articulated, we had the foundation necessary to begin developing the consumer-facing look and feel of the revised brand.

Silvercore Outdoors logo on top of an image of a campfire

A new logo

No other creature embodies qualities of resilience, intelligence, and persistence in adverse conditions like the mountain goat. Which is exactly why we incorporated the silhouette of a mountain goat into Silvercore Outdoors’ new logo.

a collection of Silvercore Outdoor logos on different backgrounds

A whole new look and feel

To ensure the revised brand would resonate with its new, broader outdoor audience, we applied a softer, earthier colour palette that conveys a sense of groundedness, confidence, and experience. We also made a subtle change to the name, adding the word “outdoors,” in a nod to their expanded offerings.

Brand fonts and colours for Silvercore outdoors
A magazine ad for Silvercore outdoors reading 'Skills to Thrive Outside' atop a fishing image

The addition of the tagline “Skills to Thrive Outdoors” alludes to both the brand’s mission and its core customer benefit, while a revised photo direction helped convey an immersive, premium style that showcases people engaged in relatable outdoor activities.

To see the revised look and feel come to life, check out the new website.

mockup of the homepage of

Social that's rooted in strategy

Silvercore’s existing audience was predominantly men aged 34-55 with an interest in all things guns. Transitioning to the more diverse target audience for Silvercore Outdoors posed a unique challenge: Extending the brand’s appeal to encompass a diverse range of outdoor enthusiasts while retaining the core demographic that is instrumental in driving revenue through their highly successful firearms courses.

A series of instagram stories for silvercore outdoors about survival tips

Over a six month period, we carefully adjusted our content and messaging strategies to continue speaking to the existing firearm-centric audience, as well as those seeking a broader array of outdoor skills. This involved reshaping our strategy for firearm-related content, presenting it in a more approachable manner that also brought value to our new outdoor-focused audience, while ensuring our firearm enthusiasts still felt connected to the brand. It also provided the opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of our broader outdoor skills offerings with our existing customers.

A series of instagram stories for silvercore outdoors about the Silvercore podcast
a social carousel for silvercore outdoors teaching mushroom foraging tips


To help launch the redesign while leveraging the popularity of Silvercore’s sought-after merchandise, we applied the new identity and tagline to a variety of branded products, including stickers, water bottles, hats, tees, hoodies, and, of course, a Stanley flask.

sticker mockup of the silvercore goat
sticker mockup with silvercore graphics
mockup of two hoodies showing the front and back views of silvercore merchandise graphics

We are so incredibly grateful we found the Origin team. Everyone at Origin has such passion coupled with a high level of professionalism and expertise. We had interviewed a good number of other companies and within the first 10 minutes of chatting with Origin we knew we couldn't afford to go with anyone else.

Travis Bader
Principle Owner, Silvercore Outdoors