A portrait of Nancy Greene Raine
A portrait of Nancy Greene Raine
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A video tribute to a ski icon—Nancy Greene Raine

Danielle Kristmanson
Nov, 2023
11 mins

We’ve built a bit of a reputation for telling the stories of skiers. And so, you’d assume that when one of our clients comes to suggest we try our hand at another, we wouldn’t be nervous at all. But when you consider the suggested story would be about a Canadian ski icon, a legendary figure, almost a Canadian household name (well maybe not household, but certainly a street name, a Provincial Park name, and a lake name) we started to get a little jittery. But that’s what happened when Tourism Sun Peaks and Sun Peaks Resort came to us to tell Nancy Greene Raine’s story in celebration of her long-time relationship with the destination.

Nancy needs no introduction, but a reminder of her accomplishments gives you an idea of what we were tasked with fitting into a 10 minute mini-doc. She was an Olympic gold medallist, a two-time World Cup alpine skiing champion with 13 World Cup victories which makes the most ever by a Canadian. She was Canada’s athlete of the year in 1967 and 1968, then after retiring from skiing she helped to see Canada’s two largest ski resorts come to the world stage, became a member of the Senate of Canada (2009–18), was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame, the US Ski and Snowboarding Hall of Fame, Canada’s Walk of Fame and was voted the Canadian Press’ best female athlete of the 20th century. No pressure Origin.

Despite all of these accomplishments, Nancy is still a skier’s skier at heart. And pretty much every day of the season there’s a good chance you’ll catch a glimpse of the 80 year old logging laps on her home mountain at Sun Peaks, BC. We found out, after hearing about her tenacity and ferocity, that she’s also charming, warm-hearted, funny, self-deprecating and a damn good sport (you’ll see why when you watch the video). Our team spent last fall and winter learning everything we could about her, spending time with her and her friends, and chasing her around the mountain in an effort to do justice to the legend. The result is a passionate, fun, slightly quirky little doc of the fabulous life of NGR. We hope you like it.