Taiga snowmobile plowing through snow
David Kenworthy
Taiga snowmobile plowing through snow
David Kenworthy
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Branding Taiga Motors’ mission to revolutionize off-road powersports

Ben Hewitt
May, 2021
2 mins

At MMGY Origin, we’re big believers in the sanctity and silence of wild places. Which is exactly why we got very excited when Canada’s Taiga Motors called on us to help develop their brand as they prepared to launch the world’s first ever all-electric, zero-emission, super-quiet snowmobile and jet ski. Truth be told, it’s not often that a creative agency gets to be on the ground floor of developing a brand that’s on the cusp of revolutionizing a multi-billion dollar industry in a direction that will drastically reduce human impact on wild places.

Our work with Taiga Motors began with an envisioning session to gather the information we’d need to uncover the core attributes and characteristics of the brand, which would ultimately be expressed in an exquisitely designed Brand Articulation book for use both internally and with investors. 

Taiga's brand story articulated in a book

The exercises in this session were specifically designed to help identify Taiga’s ideal customer, generate mission and vision statements, and even explore some high-level, consumer-facing language. Because Taiga is an international brand based in French-speaking Quebec, we were also tasked with delivering a transcreation to extend the reach of the final document.

French and English sides of the brand articulation book

As you can see from the accompanying examples, our creative team worked hard to bring Taiga’s Brand Articulation to life in a way that both informs and inspires, while laying a solid foundation for the future, as the company grows and matures. At Origin, we’re honored to be part of bringing the Taiga brand to life, and we’re excited to see how the brand evolves, as well as how their electric-powered platform ushers in a new more sustainable, greener, and quieter era of off-road powersports. 



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Taiga's vision statement articulated in a book
Person riding a taiga snowmobile at sunset
David Kenworthy
Person riding a Taiga jet ski near Toronto