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The ultimate growth hack: Handing over your social media to an agency

Emily Vickerson
Jun, 2023
4 mins

If you’re like most marketers, you probably have a nagging sense that you’re not getting what you should out of your social media. Beyond the day-to-day pressures of determining what to post, and what channels matter, you’re likely also coming to terms with the fact that you can have scroll-stopping content, but without a strategy, strong community management, and deep platform knowledge, all your efforts could be falling short. 

Also, if you’re like most marketers, you’ve probably considered bringing on a professional team of industry experts to amplify your business on social media. Curious about what really goes down when you hand over your social media reins? Well, our client Silvercore Outdoors did just that, and here’s what happened. 

Strategic Planning

Silvercore’s first step in handing off their social media marketing to Origin began by working closely with Origin in the development of a comprehensive social strategy and communications model to establish clear goals, objectives, and KPI’s. In this strategic planning phase, Origin conducted a competitive analysis that identified opportunities and differences from Silvercore’s competitors and outlined their strengths, weaknesses, and strategies. Origin also performed an in-depth audit that analyzed Silvercore’s audience (demographics, age, gender, location, interests), conducted a content assessment, and unearthed insights and analytics to gather data on key metrics. Origin utilizes these reports as a reference point while developing content strategies and creating Silvercore’s monthly content calendar. 

Having a strong strategy has given Silvercore the ability to leverage all other social services to successfully grow our clients social presence, increasing the monthly reach from 2900 to 116,000+.

Content Creation

Keeping a close eye on what resonates with Sivercore’s audiences, Origin planned out a monthly content calendar to align with their brand goals, the season, key dates, and social trends. Then we got down to the business of creating videos, interactive story series, and repurposing podcast episodes for social-first content. Recycling existing content into various creative pieces increased the lifespan of previous content, as well as maximized the investment and time required to implement content across several different channels. The brand immediately saw success with short-from educational videos that spoke directly to the Silvercore audience, which helped grow brand trust and build authentic relationships with the community. 

Silvercore Outdoors: Foraging Horsetail

With consistent, high-quality content, we increased Silvercore’s instagram from 247 monthly engagements, to 2501. Now, with an active and interested audience - they let us know what they want to see next. 

Community Management

Handing over the reins also meant handing over the community, and Origin began management of the daily flow on all of Silvercore’s social media accounts. From monitoring and responding to comments, messages, and mentions to building and fostering relationships with the online community; an Origin community manager dug in deep, understanding what the community needs and wants, when. Our social team now acts as a bridge between our client and their audiences, ensuring positive and informative interactions. 

Silvercore now sees over 7 thousand visitors to their social channels each month, with an increase of 168% external link taps to the Silvercore Outdoors website.

Advertising and Promotions

Social advertising benefits from real expertise, and Silvercore leveraged Origin’s advertising tools and platform knowledge, and were able to build a growing audience and increase brand awareness across multiple channels. Having a strong knowledge of what audience is on each channel and utilizing report insights is key to identifying who to target when and where. 

Using targeted ad campaigns through demographic and interest-based targeting, Origin grew Silvercore’s impressions from an average of 32K a month, to 290K a month.

Collaboration and Innovation 

One of the value adds that Origin was able to bring to Silvercore was opening doors for new connections. Origin was able to identify potential collaborations that aligned with the business’s values and expand Silvercore’s reach and visibility. We collaborated with Half Faced Blades, and ran a limited-edition run of knives that sold out in under one minute. This collaboration led to further opportunities, awareness in a U.S. market, and traction with other brands as they began to see Silvercore as a credible leader in the outdoor space.

In addition to the social media support and growth, having Origin’s hand on the pulse of Silvercore Outdoors gave them the opportunity to grow their business through other mediums such as their bi-weekly newsletter and podcast. Having a consistent presence on social media gave Silvercore a platform to discover new podcast guests, customers, and like-minded individuals who share their same value: gaining skills to thrive outside.

By now, you’re probably feeling the itch to take the leap and join forces with a social media agency. If you’re ready to move from curious to a conversation about your needs. We’re here to chat.