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Content Marketing

Turn your social content strategy from zero to hero

John Entwistle
Aug, 2017
5 mins

Content is everywhere. With so many brands producing so much content, how you distribute your content to your audience can have a huge impact on whether or not it is seen, interacted with, or shared.


We have found that it can be helpful to break down your content into categories in order to better plan for your content needs, and understand your goals and KPI’s related to specific pieces of content.

At Origin, we break down social content strategy into three main categories using the Hero, Hub, Hygiene model. This process clearly defines what purpose each piece of content serves, what it’s intended distribution should be, and allow for easier planning of content strategy. Chances are that even if you haven’t been developing your content based on this model, it will naturally fall into one of these three categories:




“Act like an Advertiser”

This is your chance to shine. Large-scale, high production value content that delivers your brand’s message at the right time. Think: seasonal campaign videos, brand anthems, product launches, etc. The amount of hero content you can produce will likely be limited by budget and time, so it is best to focus on creating several key pieces that will truly accomplish your goals.




“Act like a youtuber”

This is where you can really make an impact with your audience. Chances are, if content has ever gone viral, it was Hub content. This content should always be timely, regularly scheduled content that delivers consistent on-brand content to your follower’s feeds.  It is important to note that though content may be scheduled ahead of time, it can be beneficial to have hub content that is flexible to timelines. Hub content is all about right message, right time.




“Act like a friend”

24/7/365 always on social media engagement - posting quick updates, commenting, and responding to community questions. This is the bread and butter of community management, and should not be overlooked as part of your content strategy. Often relegated to interns or completely overlooked, the ongoing engagement with your audience can pay dividends in the long run. Having a brand that is “always on” is where you truly drive loyalty with your followers, and it is important that this messaging is still on brand. Though hard to plan for explicitly, having a solid set of community management guidelines will allow your social team to consistently deliver on brand hygiene content.







When you pull together the hero, hub, hygiene model to deliver content to your social channels and beyond, you will find that content calendars come together naturally, engagement will increase, and you will have a much clearer picture of how to plan for your future content needs.