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POW Canada Launch
Outdoor Business

Protect Our Winters launches in Canada

POW Canada is a rapidly growing community of outdoor enthusiasts, professional athletes, social innovators, and industry brands dedicated to connecting this collective passion for the outdoors with positive climate action across Canada. Though it is a new organization, it draws on the experience and strength of its parent organization POW USA, but with a distinctly Canadian approach. We asked founding members Mike Douglas and Marie-France Roy for their insights.

Insight : Protect Our Winters launches in Canada

Is your business doing social good
Outdoor Business

Is your business doing social good?

With more than 25 years of experience running a Certified B Corporation (earned by meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency) that has always had social responsibility at its core, Russ Stoddard offers insights and guidance on how to create a socially conscious business, as well as encouraging words for social entrepreneurs of every generation.

Insight : Is your business doing social good?

Mountain Culture

The rise of nordic

Finally, we live in a world where technology allows us to share all the cool things we do with everyone we’ve ever met. It exposes people to a bunch of new things, and exposes things to a bunch of new people. It’s also made it easier to show off, driving millennials to take more frequent vacations, and to explore more obscure locations and experiences. The good news is, this desire to explore the world is starting to follow us home, leading to the possibilities of our backyards. And it’s changing the way we ski.

Insight : The rise of nordic

Content Marketing

Who's winning social media 2017

We started looking at the overall social followings of some key outdoor brands in 2014, We checked in in 2015, and have now looked at where we stand at the beginning of 2017. Although followers don’t tell the full picture of who is truly winning the social media race, this metric does give us a good idea of brand awareness and social relevance. The following chart outlines the current follower stats across the core social networks for several leading outdoor brands.

Insight : Who's winning social media 2017