Person putting on smartwool socks in the backcountry
Smartwool sock resting on a ski boot
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Building a community for the Canadian market

Smartwool’s purpose is to bring comfort, confidence, and community to a life lived outside. The brand is recognized globally for their high-performance Merino socks and baselayers. To increase awareness in Canada we developed a community management strategy that engaged a new team of ambassadors from across the country. We shared ambassador content that was uniquely Canadian and developed a Canadian voice for the brand to connect with new and existing customers in the Canadian market.

Smartwool winter camp setup
Smartwool social post of backcountry cabin image
Smartwool social post of feet and beautiful scenery

The ambassador team set off with our content creation guidelines to capture moments enabled by Smartwool products. 

dual image of a beautiful glacier and someone removing their skins at sunseyt
Smartwool social post of backcountry skier in powder
Smartwool social post of top down view of socks in shoes on fall leaves
Grassy mountain meadow in the fog

We focused on sharing posts that inspire, inform, educate or entertain. This content strategy gives value to the community and encourages them to engage with the brand.

Smartwool social post of a funny graph explaining what great gifts socks make