Destination marketers: find your essence, define your purpose
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Destination marketers: Find your essence, define your purpose

Andrew Bethune
Apr, 2019
10 mins


Consumers are demanding something greater from their brands: purpose (and it’s not just those avocado-toast-eating millennials who want brands that care about something). All consumers — in every category, all over the world — want more from the companies from which they shop for goods and services. As a result, marketers are scrambling to respond; to find their purpose and stay relevant.




Destination marketers with similar product attributes can face unique challenges getting their brand to stand out from the competition. Our team gave a presentation at the Mountain Travel Symposium on the importance of finding your destination brand’s essence and defining its purpose as a way to address these challenges.  In the presentation, we demonstrate how a brand with a well-defined essence and purpose can connect with customers over shared values and differentiate themselves from their competitors.




Included in our presentation deck we'll cover:

  • Understanding brand essence and brand purpose
  •  Brand purpose for destination brands
  • Case studies on aligning purpose and values
  • Workshop tools to define your brand essence, purpose, and archetype


View the full presentation here