Life as an Origin video intern

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Video Intern
P: Oskar Steiner

Internships can be hard. After three months at a marketing agency, it isn't uncommon to hear stories of shirts permanently stained in coffee and sore arms from being the camera man's version of a caddy (swapping the driving iron for a drone). While everyone at Origin can be subject to some heavy lifting from time to time, we like to think that everyone also gets to take part in the magic that happens- interns included. The following is written/shot by our summer 2018 video intern: Oskar Steiner.


I wake up to the sound of my alarm. Eyes heavy with the remnants of sleep, I check the time. It’s 5:30 am, an ungodly hour by any standard. But 15 minutes later—running on a mix of coffee, granola, and throat lozenges—I’m out the door. I'm ok with that, because today, the destination is Sun Peaks Resort. The objective is a 90-second summer marketing video. And today, I'm not logging footage. Before moving forward though, let me explain how I got here.

After a few days on the job I realized the full scope of what goes on here. Design, video, photography, marketing, web development... every single creative discipline taken care of under one visionary umbrella.


My name is Oskar Steiner and I am a video intern at Origin. This is an outdoor sport creative and marketing agency that is story-driven and strategy-focused. More than that though, Origin is a place where cool things happen. After a few days on the job, I realized the full scope of what goes on here. Design, video, photography, marketing, web development... every single creative discipline, taken care of under one visionary umbrella.

For a company that specializes in outdoor content with outdoor brands, Origin has a remarkable (and gorgeous) indoor office. Dogs roam freely, mountain views grace the windows, and the kitchen, which would put any interior designer to shame, has a beer tap. When I first walked in for my interview, it was a case of (I would) love (to work here) at first sight.

On any given day, my job consists primarily of logging footage, logging more footage, and occasionally... logging some more footage. I’m the person who watches every second of video recorded and picks out the bits that are usable. This has been a valuable experience for me because I’ve learned that even pros who make incredible movies still have the occasional bad take.

However, all that footage I log needs to come from somewhere. This means frequent shoots, productions, business trips... whatever you want to call them. Over the past two weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to get invited on two of these missions: a sunset excursion up to the new Whistler Blackcomb suspension bridge, as well as the aforementioned two day trip to Sun Peaks.

Which brings me back to my hectic morning. I’m on the road to our Sun Peaks shoot. I’m slightly nervous, but I’m excited for what’s to come.

The shoots I got to be a part of were nothing short of terrific, and the experience of working with an amazing crew to make something memorable is not one I’ll ever forget. And so, with that said, I am excited to present the following photo essay on my life as an Origin video intern.


Whistler Blackcomb

This summer, Whistler Blackcomb opened a new suspension bridge connecting the real peak of Whistler Mountain to the fake peak of Whistler Mountain. Origin was tasked with displaying this thing in the best light possible (sunset light that is) for WB’s summer campaign.


Video Intern 1


Graeme and John are two of Origin’s own. Graeme is directing video on this shoot, John is taking photos, but they both operate our drone’s camera above the Roundhouse with ease. With these pros at the helm, poutine and drinks on the patio have never looked this good.


Video Intern 2


While we toil away below deck, our models sip drinks in the sun. Life is easy when you get paid to enjoy this scenery.


Video Intern 4

While waiting for the sun to set, we shot the massive snow walls on Whistler Peak; the remnants of a deep winter.

Video Intern 5

Finally, we arrive at the suspension bridge. “Hey, it’s actually kind of cool” someone says. That right there is the feeling we need to capture, I think to myself.

Video Intern 7

One of our models, Spencer, poses for me on the bridge at golden hour. “Do you want ‘The Happy Tourist’ or ‘The Influencer’?” he asks. “The influencer Spencer, I want the influencer.”    


Video Intern 8


The bridge shimmers in the midsummer sun. Caught up in the moment, I’m convinced it’s the most gorgeous piece of industrial tourism infrastructure I’ve ever seen. A tear of joy makes its way down my cheek.

video intern 10


Taking this photo, I couldn’t think of anything else other than the fact that the sun sets directly in-line with the end of the bridge. Pure magic. A modern-day Stonehenge.


Sun Peaks

Our next job was a bit further away. We traveled to Sun Peaks Resort to film with two well-known names in the mountain biking community; Brett and Sarah Tippie, as well as their two daughters. We were putting together a dynamic 90-second marketing piece showcasing the resort for their summer 2019 campaign.


video intern car


My trusty steed, my chariot of champions. I stop just outside Kamloops for a photoshoot with my dented (don’t ask) car.

video intern 14


Blake Jorgenson is the photographer along with us for the ride. A household name in action sports photography, Blake is a true pioneer of the craft.


Video Intern Collage

Left to right: 

  • Seth, another member of the video team at Origin, operates the camera on our first day. Buttery yet crisp, one must resort to food analogies when describing the footage produced.
  1. In between takes, Sarah Tippie, one of the stars of our video, takes a break to laugh, smile, and reflect on how much fun it is to be outside with friends doing something you love. She’s right, it is.
  2. The next morning is canoeing. Jessamy Tippie has many talents, but where she really shines is as a camera operator. After this photo was taken, Graeme and Seth went job hunting.
video intern 16


Taking a look at the footage after the 4th take.

video intern 22


A short interlude for some wildlife appreciation.

video intern 17

Later in the day, we head up to the alpine to hike. “Hike”. It’s all smiles up on Tod Mountain. That’s because it’s still windy and we haven’t faced the wrath of BC’s entire mosquito and black fly population. Yet.

Video Intern

The Tippie family politely does our bidding, and walks the same section of trail repeatedly for our cameras. Thanks guys.

video intern 24


They’re still walking, we’re still shooting. We all want ice cream.

video intern 25


Finally, a reprieve from the back and forth. Moments like this remind us all how pleasant it is to be up here where the air is fresher, the sun sunnier, and the bugs hungrier.

Video Intern 26


The sun lowers itself in the sky, a cool breeze refreshes us ever so slightly, and the drone buzzes overhead. Life is good.

video intern 27

A moment of tranquility. It is not long until the Tippies will make their way back down the hill, swapping places with a pair of trail runners who I forgot to model release. Oops.

Video Intern 29


Jon (front, right), is displaying the most up-to-date method in insect repellent technology. It’s called the hat-over-hood. It works really well except for the fact that the bugs then concentrate their bites solely on your exposed face.  

Video intern 30


As we wrap for the day, the sun completes its journey with a graceful power. We’re on top of the mountain with only our bikes to get us back home. We make our way down a recently finished, albeit nameless, trail in the Sun Peaks bike park (it’s literally labelled “unnamed green trail” on the maps”), and arrive back to a dinner of burgers, salad, and salmon cooked by our producer, Holly. This is a life I could get used to.

Video Intern 31


*Sunset intensifies*