two people sitting on their sleds looking at the sun set
two people sitting on their sleds looking at the sun set
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Taiga Motors

A website that redefines the off-road powersports industry

Taiga Motors is redefining the off-road powersports industry. In the pursuit of that goal, they needed to transform their website. We worked together to create an online experience that changes how consumers think about accessing the world’s wild places, all while communicating the functional attributes that differentiate Taiga’s revolutionary products and the electric powersports industry as a whole. 

Taiga website desktop mockup
Man rides snowmobile through mountains

Taiga’s products are not merely electric snowmobiles and watercraft. They represent an inspiring vision to redefine how we connect with the natural world. To communicate this, the website features hero photography that emphasizes the immensity of nature and the thrill of exploration that has long called to humankind. 

Two mobile website mockups
Taiga website tablet mockup

With so many configurations available for both snowmobiles and watercraft, the vehicle selection process needed to be simple. We partnered with JIBE, a talented team of e-commerce developers in Vancouver, to create an intuitive configurator that allows users to customize their vehicles before placing a reservation. 

Two mobile website mockups
Taiga website mockup
Taiga website tablet mockup

A vision as bold and ambitious as Taiga’s can’t be expressed in facts, figures, and product attributes. The website needed to embody an entirely new industry, so we developed a language architecture that represented the brand’s values and the merits of electric powersports. 

Taiga website pattern library
Aerial view of jet ski

Our collaboration with Origin on the development of our new website was smooth and seamless and their understanding of our audience was remarkable. We are delighted with the end result.

Jacques Demont
Chief Commercial Officer, Taiga